Is Active Health Right for Me?

Active Health is a great choice for…

  • Athletes who have suffered an injury and who need to get back in the game or on the track, quickly.
  • Athletes who are in good health, but want to enhance their performance and biomechanical efficiency.
  • Non-athletes who find themselves suffering from dysfunction and pain after performing stressful, repetitive tasks, or something as simple as sitting too long.

The First Visit: What to Expect

We don’t waste time. During your first visit, we have a lot of ground to cover! We start with a functional evaluation, studying the way you move, your posture, and looking for imbalances throughout your body. Of course you, the patient, can tell us where it hurts, but we want to know why it hurts. Once we have identified your primary biomechanical imbalance, we will start treatment on it immediately. We will also send you home with exercises to do that will help you to restore and maintain that balance until your next visit.

About the Doctors

Dr. Jeffrey Lipp has been playing football and involved in track and field since high school and is a former arena football quarterback. He has sustained his fair share of injuries on the field, so he understands what his patients are going through, as he has personally experienced almost every injury/pain that he treats on a daily basis.

Dr. Christopher Brown is a highly regarded physical therapist who has cross-trained in several techniques, including Dr. Lipp’s methodology. He is excited to help his patients return to full functionality faster than they ever thought possible.

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Dr. Lipp and Dr. Brown accept most major insurance providers. Because Dr. Lipp is a chiropractor and Dr. Brown is physical therapist there are some differences in what providers they each accept.

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Location & Directions

New Patient Form

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Active Health New Patient Forms