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Functional Motion Training (FMT) is now provided at our office. Dr. Lipp’s FMT is a collaboration based off all of his various trainings and what he developed over the past 10 years.

Dr. Lipp designed FMT to help everyone from professional athletes (supplementing their existing training program) to grandparents (allowing them to get on and off of the floor to play with their grandchildren). It will help you become more mobile and less susceptible to injury while performing routine tasks like lifting groceries out of the car and non-routine tasks such as yard work.

FMT focuses on retraining you how to properly breathe, properly engage your core (NOT how you’ve been traditionally trained) while performing innate, fluid motions we all began life with, but we have lost due to the stationary demands of school/work and compensating from past injuries. FMT retrains your body’s innate movements and enables you to move properly from the ground up…literally.

Our Kinesiology Specialist and Licensed Personal Trainer, Matt McKay, is fully trained in Dr. Lipp’s FMT. Our goal is to help you become fully functional with all aspects of movement! We kicked-off this program in July and the results have been phenomenal!

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