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Active Health in Jacksonville, Florida, offers a diverse range of treatments and strategies for joint pain management. Our team will determine a precise treatment program for each respective patient based on assessments and testing.

Although joint pain can be attributed to underlying diseases, you can also experience joint pain due to strains and sprains, overuse during physical activity, and even lack of use. Age, poor health, and mental health issues can also be a factor when it comes to joint pain.

There are numerous symptoms of joint pain, and they can range from mild to debilitating. The symptoms can include stiffness, loss of motion, numbness, swelling, painful movements, and noisy joints. You should seek medical advice immediately if you notice a joint has become red, hot, and swollen.

Joint pain is more likely to affect people who have had previous injuries to a joint, have arthritis or other chronic medical conditions, are overweight, suffer from depression and/or anxiety, or people who repeatedly use or overuse a muscle.

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Dr. Lipp’s proprietary and revolutionary form of care is very efficient and comprehensive. The evaluation will discover the true underlying root cause of your pain which will help us both correct and prevent your pain from returning. The treatment will utilize our huge toolbox of resources to help get our patients functional while reducing pain. This is how we take stress off of the damaged area allowing our patients to be able to heal and provide our patients the fastest possible results.

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We use a variety of healthy joint injections for different case presentations, patients, and levels of severity to help expedite the healing process. We offer a 1% lidocaine or marcaine & 99% saline injection for relatively healthy, but inflamed joints. We use Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) injections for anything that needs a new healing response. We offer human cellular tissue injections for anyone who needs more cushion and lubrication to help damaged joints and soft tissue heal. We will NEVER use a cortisone injection as it promotes cell death and fast tracks you to a surgery!

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We use our performance labs to help “kill the pain cycle”. We can get you functioning and out of pain quickly in most cases. But if you go back to doing what you were doing how you were doing it, then the pain will return. Our various labs offer a combination both a video analysis and a function analysis. Some of our labs (Golf, Baseball (Hitting), Run, Athlete, Walk & Balance) offer a performance analysis using sensors to measure efficiency and correct inefficiencies with biofeedback training.



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