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Being able to perform at your best requires an in depth understanding of your body and it’s limitations. At Active Health, we want every athlete to have that advantage over their competitors. That’s where our performance labs can help.

By analyzing biomechanical dysfunctions, which play a major role in how you perform, we can determine if you would benefit from treatment right from the start. Our performance labs aren’t just focused on those with injuries, but also on preventing future injuries from happening. The data derived from the performance labs can give you a better understanding of your weaknesses and from that data, we will develop a personalized training protocol for you.

Analyzing Biomechanical Dysfunctions

Biomechanics describes the forces exerted by the muscles and other anatomical structures during movement and motion – essentially, it’s the physics of the body in motion. Every movement we make requires actions and reactions by multiple muscles, connective tissues, nerves and other components.

When one of these elements are injured or impaired, it can result in another muscle group over compensating which can take a significant toll on your ability to participate in physical activities. Because so many interrelated actions and reactions are involved in movement, even a minor dysfunction can significantly affect your physical performance.

Identifying these dysfunctions and their impact on your mobility requires specific techniques and skills, and usually involves an assessment called a biomechanical motion analysis. The results of your analysis can play a critical role in identifying the most appropriate course of treatment, as well as assessing your progress during treatment.

Heal Faster and Gain the Competitive Edge

At Active Health, we have new and innovative performance labs that focus on the whole body, from physical aspects like tissue injury and strains, to the more complex like biomechanical dysfunctions that can have a substantial bearing on your ability to perform at your best.

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