Fitness Lab

Active Health’s personal training provides a safe, comprehensive way to work out and achieve a strong, functional, balanced body. Dr. Lipp created this unique brand of personal training with the principles of functional motion training to provide both conventional and high-intensity options. Every personal training session is an evaluation. The first session is more to learn what level can be handled. These one-hour sessions are one-on-one, because they’re too detail-oriented to be done within a group setting. They focus on retraining everything you do on a daily basis from breathing to engaging your core to activities you can perform while training and in your every day life to help correct muscular imbalances and keep you neutral.

The result of this personal training will enable you to redistribute your daily loads throughout your entire body all of the time. The goal is not to get buff and cut, as that would be putting the cart before the horse. We will provide the base foundation needed to significantly reduce risk of injury by teaching a balance of mobility and stability as we proceed toward specific goals. We will constantly challenge you as we increase your capacity to handle load. We recommend training once a week and we’ll give you homework exercises to do until your next session.

Walk Lab

Our Walk Lab was designed to identify asymmetries in your walking pattern. Using 100 LED sensors and two real-time cameras, this program will help pinpoint dysfunctions that are leading to compensations which lead to pain. Dr. Lipp has created 12 different visualizations that can be incorporated to keep you walking efficiently and pain-free. Whether you walk for exercise or for a sport that includes a lot of walking like golf, this lab will help you become more efficient.

Run Lab

Our Run Lab was designed to identify asymmetries in your running gait.  Using 100 LED sensors and two real-time cameras allows us to track how symmetrical you are side to side through each phase of your gait.  This program will help pinpoint dysfunctions that are leading to compensations which lead to pain.  Dr. Lipp has created 12 different visualizations that can be incorporated to keep you running efficiently and pain-free.  Whether you run competitively, or for exercise or for a sport that involves a lot of running, this lab will help you become more efficient and reduce your risk of injury.

Athlete Lab

Our Athlete Lab helps you improve performance in a wide range of sports including tennis, football, soccer, basketball, volleyball, lacrosse, baseball and more. Whether it’s increasing vertical jump height, preventing injury upon landing or honing lateral and vertical movement patterns, our team employs innovative technology to track your biomechanics.

By using 100 LED sensors and two real-time cameras to track your movements, we will take you through each phase of jumping, landing and directional movement. We’ll then work with you to identify any asymmetries in your gait and give you steps to improve. These labs are aimed at helping you become more efficient, reach higher levels of performance and reduce injury.

Sports Injury Prevention Program (SIPP)

Active Health’s Sports Injury Prevention Program (SIPP) was designed to address all major areas of sport, including: running, jumping, cutting, balance and reaction time.  After identifying asymmetries and dysfunctions with 100 LED sensors and two real-time cameras, the athlete will perform an exercise regimen specifically tailored to their individual needs. The athlete will also be taught a warm-up routine on our 1,600 square feet of turf to be performed before their team warm-up to reinforce correct movement patterns to prevent injury.  The SIPP is a more aggressive collaboration of all of our performance labs.

According to, over 50% of all injuries were to the lower limbs and the majority were non-contact (meaning due to poor biomechanics). For more information on Active Health Performance Labs, contact us at (904) 296-0202.

Golf Lab

The Active Health Golf Lab mission is to identify any biomechanical dysfunctions that cause you to either have pain or unwanted swing characteristics. To be clear…We focus on the golf body NOT your golf swing. We are a medical office that treats golfers on every level from the Americas through Europe. We understand the golf body.

We like to have a team approach building relationships with teaching professionals. We have a common goal in getting your body doing what your teaching pro is asking of it. Way too often, you cannot physically do what the pro asks of you. We free your body!

We have a golf simulator and GC2-HMT launch monitor, the best indoor launch monitor, to allow you to see your ball flight, any important numbers and where it hits on your club face. We use technology that shows us your kinematic sequence (what part of your body that fires first, second, last). It also shows how fast those body parts are firing in comparison to PGA & LPGA Tour professionals. You can hit off of a pressure sensing mat that shows how you distribute your body weight through your feet. This can all be done while being recorded with high speed cameras to video from the front, back, down-the-line and overhead.

Yoga Lab

The Yoga Lab is used by yogies of every level from the master level to the novice who are looking to continue doing yoga without injury.

The flexibility, mobility, and strength developed doing the Yoga Lab can enhance your body or sport to the next level.

This private class is custom designed to meet your health and fitness needs. We start by evaluating any physical limitations you possess and addressing physical goals you are striving for. We accomplish this by focusing on what aspects of yoga you enjoy. If you are overcoming injuries or ailments, our yoga class assists in your recovery by cultivating a safe workout.

LIPP Yoga has many benefits and one we are particularly fond of is its ability to aid in correcting muscular imbalances. A well-rounded yoga practice involves using all the muscles in a variety of ways and poses. Yoga is one of the best forms of active recovery as it increases mindful self-awareness of what’s going on in your body and mind. By becoming more self-aware, you can grow your body’s inner ability to listen and re-adjust to signals of pain and discomfort. Yoga also teaches you how to honor your body’s limits and safely push outside of your current comfort-zone without running the risks of injury or burnout. We don’t forget about the powerful relaxation aspect of yoga!