At Active Health, we help patients get back on their feet fast after suffering from a wide array of injuries, strains, and pains to muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons, entrapped nerves, chronic pain, and more. We also provide post-surgical rehabilitation. Below are some of the most common problems that we treat every day, speeding patients towards a full recovery:

If you’re experiencing pain in an area not listed about or have a diagnosed problem keeping you in pain, give us a call at (904) 296-0202. We can get you the care you need to return to a pain-free lifestyle.

Hamstring Strains

Many athletes find their hamstrings all too prone to strain and repeated injury. Essential for walking, running, and everything in between, this long, narrow muscle that crosses two joints is uniquely vulnerable to injury.

At Active Health, we work with athletes to not only heal the hamstring but to identify the biomechanics that are putting it under stress in order to prevent injuries from reoccurring. Does it work? Just ask our patients. We hear from top runners that we are the only clinic in Jacksonville that knows how to treat hamstrings.

Ankle and Knee Sprains

Sprains occur when a sudden twist, stretch, or blow to the body forces a joint out of its normal position, stretching and tearing the tough, fibrous ligaments that connect your bones. All it takes is a foot going out from under you as you slide for home – or even just a bad step. The result? Swelling and pain.

At Active Health, our goal is to help you get back to full functionality – fast! Many chiropractors and physical therapist take weeks and weeks of expensive visits for treatment. Many of our patients report seeing a 50% improvement after just one visit and an 80% improvement within 3-4 visits.

Neck and Back Pain

An athlete’s spine undergoes a lot of stress, twisting, turning, and absorbing impacts, not to mention bearing the weight of their entire body. At our clinic, we see a variety of injuries to the upper and lower back, as well as to the neck, or cervical spine. Sometimes an injury in this area can impinge on delicate nerves, causing pain that radiates outward to other parts of the body as well.

At Active Health, we frequently treat neck and back problems and even issues with chronic pain. We have spent over ten years refining our methodologies to achieve a combination of techniques that work. We know our patients need results, so the system that we have created doesn’t waste time. We can get you on the road to full health quickly.

SI Joint Pain

The sacroiliac joint, or SI joint, is a key load-bearing node in the body. Although designed to be stable, flexing slightly to absorb forceful impacts, it can be stretched beyond its capacity, resulting in pain in the lower back, the hip joints, and down into the legs. Athletes put a lot of stress on their SI joint and are especially at risk for pain and injury.

With every patient, we have two goals – to get them back to neutral, and then to teach them to stay neutral. That means educating patients about dysfunctions in posture and mechanical motion that put unnecessary strain on their SI joint and put them at risk of reinjury. Our goal is not only to get you healthy – it is to make sure you stay that way.

Golf Injuries

Although golf has a reputation as a low-risk sport, the fact is that avid golfers may spend hundreds or thousands of hours a year engaged in rapid, powerful, and potentially damaging rotations of their lower back, shoulder, and arm. All of these areas are at risk, whether to simple repetitive stress injuries or to acute issues caused when something goes wrong.

We are no stranger to golf-related strains, pains, and injuries. Not only can we help you get back on the links quickly, but we will work with you to identify bad mechanics that cause issues like “golfer’s elbow” in the first place. Not only will you feel better, you may even find that you improve your golf score!

Tennis Injuries

Tennis players can be plagued by numerous types of injuries, including rotator cuff tendinitis, tennis elbow, wrist strain, and back pain. As tennis is a very active sport, other types of unfortunate accidents can also occur as players are dashing about the court!

We bring extensive experience and tested methodologies to the treatment of tennis-related injuries. Many of the issues listed above stem from dysfunctional biomechanics. We take the time to study and analyze the patient’s motion and identify problem areas. Our goal is not only to get you back on the court fast but to prevent a recurrence of the injury. And in the process, we just might make you a better tennis player!

Runner Injuries

Running is one of the most injury prone sports there is – by one estimate nearly 80% of runners suffer some form of injury every year. When you are conditioning yourself for a big race, the last thing you need is yet another injury slowing you down.

Active Health has developed proven techniques that can get runners back on the road for problems from hamstrings to shin splints to plantar fasciitis and beyond. Over a decade of practice, we have refined a combination of methodologies that are fast and effective at getting you the healing you need. We also have our own proprietary running technique that can protect your body and has shaved minutes off the times of even seasoned long-distance runners.

Other Pains & Injuries

We treat a vast array of different types of pains and injuries. We can help patients experiencing joint pain, muscle pain, nerve entrapment, strained or injured tendons and ligaments, and more. In the rare case where we determine that we are not the right providers to help you, we will refer you to a specialist who is. If you’re not sure, give us a call or contact us through our website to talk to us today.