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So, what’s athletic symmetry and why should you care? According to experts throughout the athletic world, improving the symmetry in your running and jumping leads to higher levels of performance and less injury.

Jay Dicharry, a running biomechanics expert and author of Anatomy For Runners, explained the benefits of symmetry in a recent Competitor Magazine article. “Running requires mobility, stability, strength, and power. While how much is enough depends on the individual, I strive to have all my athletes within 5 percent in terms of symmetry across the board.”

Are you within 5 percent? At Active Health, we can get you even closer than that. If you need treatment for pain, a physical restriction or a way to improve your performance, our innovative Performance Labs deliver proven results to bring your body back to symmetrical balance. By using 100 LED sensors and two real-time cameras to track your movements, we can help you achieve your physical goals.

Active Health Performance Labs

Walk Lab
Our team has created 12 different visualizations that can be incorporated to keep you walking efficiently and pain-free. Whether you walk for exercise or for a sport like golf, this lab pinpoints dysfunctions and offers solutions.

Run Lab
Many runners have no idea that their asymmetrical style leads to lower performance and injury. We’ll use our innovative technology to chart each phase of your gait and show you ways to bring your body back into alignment.

Athlete Lab
Designed to improve jumping and movement for sports including tennis, football, soccer, basketball, volleyball, lacrosse, baseball and more, this lab is perfect athletes looking for that extra edge. Our team will track your movements and give you steps to increase performance and reduce injury.

Ready to get symmetrical?

It’s time to get your body back in balance. Whether it’s through treatment or our Performance Labs, our team is ready to show you the power of efficiency. Contact Active Health at (904) 296-0202 or fill out this form online to make an appointment.