The Awful, Annoying Ankle Injury

Ready for your scary statistic of the day? According to WebMD, “every day in the U.S., 25,000 people sprain their ankle. And more than 1 million people visit emergency rooms each year because of ankle injuries.”

Ankle sprains occur when a sudden twist, stretch, or blow to the body forces a joint out of its normal position, stretching and tearing the tough, fibrous ligaments that connect your bones. All it takes is a foot going out from under you, an unseen hole in the ground or even just a bad step. The result? Swelling, pain and a loss of your usual physical activity.

Whether at home or with a specialist, some treatments can take weeks and get surprisingly expensive. At Active Health, our goal is to help you get back to full functionality – fast! Many of our patients report seeing a 50 percent improvement after just one visit and an 80 percent improvement within three or four visits.

How do we do it?

Unlike many traditional methodologies that only treat symptoms of pain, we address the root cause. Even if your ankle injury was a freak accident, our treatment methods identify biomechanical dysfunctions and muscular imbalances. Then we use unique and aggressive forms of treatment to solve those issues.

What’s the best way to treat ankle injuries? Don’t get them in the first place! Our Sports Injury Prevention Program (SIPP) was designed to address all major areas of sport, including: running, jumping, cutting, balance and reaction time. We use cutting-edge digital technology to create a program tailored specifically for you, including proper warm-up techniques and movement patterns. Click here to learn more about SIPP.

Ready to beat ankle injuries?

If you currently have an ankle sprain or want to learn smart ways to prevent them in the future, we’re here for you. Contact Active Health at (904) 296-0202 or fill out this form online to make an appointment.

what They're Saying


"After only 4 treatment sessions with Dr Lipp, I was able to resume my normal training and have a great ironman."

Don Davey
Green Bay Packers 1991-95
Jacksonville Jaguars 1995-2000
5-Time Ironman

"Dr. Lipp resolved my pain in four treatments, then he gave me a few of his running visualizations to keep in mind during my runs. His visualizations allowed me to cut 10 minutes off of my Half Marathon!"

Michelle Gully
1st Place Sports Racing Team

"Dr Lipp and his staff are unbelievable. I now have someone in the Jacksonville area I trust to work on my body if any other issues ever arises."

Billy Horschel
2014 FedEx Cup Champion

“Thank you so much…this is the easiest it has felt swinging since I was 20 something!”

Anders Forsbrand
9-Time European Tour Champion; Champions Tour Golfer

"Not only was Dr Lipp able to quickly identify and solve the problem at hand, but he also taught me how to take active meausres to prevent injuries going forward."

Jake Keator
2009 Co-Captain of the Boys Class 3A State Champion Soccer Team at the Bolles School

"Dr Lipp offers and incredibly efficient form of treatment that I haven't encountered anywhere else in the world!"

Kevin Phelan
European Tour Player

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